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रिबन शेर कठपुतली शिल्प

प्रकाशित समय: 2021-10-13 दृश्य: 9

यह रिबन शेर कठपुतली शिल्प सबसे प्यारी चीजों में से एक है जिसे हमने कुछ समय में किया है।

जिसकी आपको जरूरत है
ribbons (totally in love with this set)
wiggly eyes stickers (it’s the new googly eyes ha!)
glue dots (super important, regular glue doesn’t work well with ribbons, these work as magic)
शिल्प की छड़ें
yellow cardstock paper
काला मार्कर
materials need

चरण १: Cut two circles out of yellow cardstock paper. Stick on two wiggly sticker eyes and draw mouth and snout.
Cut ribbons to about same lengths

चरण १: Make loops from all the ribbons. Stick the ribbons together with a glue dot
(or similar sticking sticker – or however you would call it).

चरण १: Glue the face onto a craft stick (you can use a regular glue here, or just keep on using the glue dots).

चरण १: Time to work on this lions’ mane. Stick the ribbon loops on the back of the head using glue dots.

चरण १: Stick the second yellow circle in the back. All done, your fierce looking Ribbon Lion Puppet Craft is ready to be played with.